6 thoughts on “The dark side of the forest

  1. I was thinking in the, almost thinking for us, Black Forest. Beautiful scene and quite subtle the free space near the center like a half-open curtain. Hoping you have a great wee ahead, Francis.

    • Hi Francis, this photo was taken early in the morning in a forest near Gristede, Ammerland in North Germany. The morning fog was still visible and the sun came up behind all these clouds and fog. I was standing there looking at the scene. It was unbelievable quiet. Just a few drops of water were falling from the trees. They really created a kind of rhythm when they hit the ground. I wanted to capture this moment in the shot. My first choice was Black Forest as well. But this is an area called Schwarzwald in the southern part of Germany. So I decided to go for Dark Forest. All the best and a few quite moments without stress, Reinhold

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