10 thoughts on “High as the sky

    • Thanks Fraggle, this image is one out of a series of shots I took looking up in front of tall buildings in Frankfurt. It was also a time of problems with my neck and me running over people crossing my way. I am glad to live now in a small village in the north. Highest building 2 floors. You can see on Friday who is coming for lunch on Sunday. Still I have to see where I find places for new architecture shots. Have a nice Sunday, Reinhold

  1. Quite good and professional work, I read several data about their plants and functional organization and it makes me think in something like the evolution of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Research Tower at SC Tower. I admire the German architecture since the Bauhaus school, thanks Reinhold, today I know much more than yesterday.

    • Thanks Francis, SC Tower is also something special. But I think tall buildings and skylines are always a nice motive against blue sky or in the blue hour or night. I always imagine what all these people behind all these windows think and do. My POV at this time was always me in front of these buildings looking up. But as with everything it was only a period of time. I still like these images, but I would not shoot them again. … maybe in NY, but this is not in reach for the next years. Have a good start into the new week and may the light be with you. Reinhold

  2. Quite beautiful Reinhold, as an architect I find beautiful the contrast of the dark and crystalline tower with its white and almost rustic base. As somebody that enjoys to see photographs I find beautiful the composition of time crossing the object seeing the sun. Greetings, Francis.

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