Mama don’t take my ILFORD PAN F away

Sorry, Kodachrome.

1983. On a business trip to New York. Working for Chase Manhattan Bank in London. My first camera. A Canon AE-1 Program with 50mm 1.8. ILFORD PAN F  (ISO 50) was my favorite film in these days. We got snowed in by a blizzard. No taxi, tube or bus service. All flights cancelled. So I had time to walk around. 36 shots on my film. These are the only remains of these days in NY. Looking back it is as looking to someone else’s life.

11 thoughts on “Mama don’t take my ILFORD PAN F away

    • Vielen Dank, Ulli. Ich hätte damals nicht gedacht, dass Fotografieren zu meiner großen Leidenschaft wird. Aber das Fotografieren mit Film hatte etwas Besonderes. Man hat sich 3x überlegt, ob man abdrückt oder vielleicht doch noch etwas verändert. 36 Fotos sind nicht viel. Viele Grüße, Reinhold

    • Thanks Angela, good to see that you know the music of Paul Simon and the point I wanted to make. I can’t make up my mind to go for B&W or for colors. I think I take the best from both worlds in the moment. I am young enough to change my mind later. LOL Greetings from the North of Germany. Reinhold

      • Just saw your comment now, eight days later… Blame it on the bad habit of using the iPhone to check stuff online… On your dilemma, I think both are worth taking. The drama of B&W is suitable for some things but not so much for others. Sometimes you really do want to see all those colors! Anyway, I’m sure when you grow up you’ll know what to do! 😉

  1. 1983, the year I born, and you already were getting beautiful compositions. I can feel more the atmosphere of jazz culture than in the video (that I like) of Sting’s “An Englishman in New York” what is natural because that’s a staged video and yours is life happening. Thanks Reinhold for this portrait of a beautiful city. Greetings, Francis.

    • Thanks for your nice words, Francis. A German living in England (London) in New York. Interesting times in those days. And the beginning of my passion for photography. Kind regards, Reinhold

    • And it was time to get them scanned and save a few of them for my digital archive. But I think you are right. There is something to these images I can’t reproduce in digital post processing. And thanks your double wow didn’t meant the year they were captured. They are little time machines. Kind regards, Reinhold

    • Thanks for your comment. So many side stories. That night I had my first Bailey’s on the rocks in the Oyster Bar. Each time I looked out of the entrance of the bar, the blizzard was getting worse. Fortunately we had only 2 blocks to the hotel. All the best, Reinhold

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