17 thoughts on “Aoraki / Mount Cook Region

  1. I never got to the Mount Cook region of New Zealand. Thank you for showing it to me in such a magnificent way 🙂

  2. Nice landscapes, the blues seems sculpted in ice. The last photograph has the dignity of a portrait of a great man, and I like how the plants seems fingers trying to caress the sky. Thanks Reinhold, marvelous landscapes.

    • Mount Cook is special. It was the first time the mountain was not covered with clouds. We stayed there for the night in a little wooden house and next morning the great man decided to transform into the invisible man. Thanks Francis.

      • Reading the comments I see you used an IXUS compact camera. Amazing, I thought they were cropped from a bigger sensor camera. That proves that composition triumphs machine 🙂

      • That is so true, Francis. All the NZ photos are shot either with a compact camera or a Canon EOS 300D with kit zoom. Some of my photos I like most are captured with a Nikon D200. That’s why I would like to downgrade from D800 with heavy lenses to Fuji X-T1 with kit zoom. But it’s difficult to sell the Nikon stuff. So I have to be patient. Complaints on a very high level. LOL. Nice weekend, too. Reinhold

      • Although in another occasion I would said “those are first world problems :D” actually here we’ve the same problems. Usually students at university are the best option to sell cameras. I barely can take my aps-c zoom camera and a plastic film camera so I understand your issue with the big Nikon resting in home.

    • Thanks my rocking lady. My wife Alexandra had some tears in her eyes when she saw these glacier lakes the first time. It’s like being in a fantasy world. It is like dreaming and never want to wake up. Greetings. Reinhold

    • Thank you for the compliment. Or maybe the middle one. It’s my fav. But when I look at the comments it seems to be #1 or 3. But maybe we do not always have to come to a decision. All the best. Reinhold

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