10 thoughts on “MM 2-13: Monochrome Madness Water Theme

  1. Hi Melissa. I have to practise long exposure shots more often. I like the soft appearance of the water. I have to take more time for these moments. Afterwards I regret my rush to the next spot. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment. Reinhold

  2. The black and white really picks up the fine detail on the rocks. It’s a nice contrast to the soft appearance of the water. Well done!

    • Thanks Francis, and it was hot that day in Wales. Devil’s Bridge was the appropriate name for this area. I prefer cooler and dryer spots. Kind regards. Reinhold

    • Thanks. Me too. 🙂 I am no long exposure specialist at all. This one was hand held. No tripod. I was surprised when I saw this photo after our trip to Devil’s Bridge. Lucky shot. I am happy that you like it. Reinhold

      • Devil’s Bridge Falls is a difficult area. Carrying a tripod would have killed me. I think I used a rock or tree for my arm to avoid motion blur. So may be it’s not hand held but arm supported by a rock or tree held. 😉

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