10 thoughts on “Mystic Lady of spring and flowers

    • Thanks for your nice comment, Lucy. Yes I will definitely continue working with the tablet. I think Photoshop was made for a tablet. But as everything… in the beginning I will overdo it and when it settles down it will be fine. Have a lovely and sunny weekend too! Sunny smiles. Reinhold

  1. That’s quite an effect! She certainly seems mystic. If this is just your first attempt at working with a tablet, I’m eager to see the results when you’re more practiced 🙂

    • Hoho, I am creating expectations. I guess now I have to deliver. 😉 Next one is coming this evening. 1 day work and many You Tube tutorials for dummies. It’s so different from working with a mouse. Thanks for visiting, Melissa. Have a good time and enjoy life. Regards from the sunny!!!!! north of Germany. Reinhold

    • You have to. Working in Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC with a tablet is a totally different world. I think it was designed to work with a tablet. It is so much easier and more powerful than working without. The Wacom Intuos Pro M rocks. It is worth every penny I have spent. Lots of other results coming soon. Sunny regards. Reinhold

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