11 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. I love this black and white. I want to know who the lady is, is this her place and more about her place, it makes me want to ask a lot of questions because it makes me curious. Well done 🙂

    • There is always this thin line in street photography which I avoid to cross. I am glad that the photo created thoughts and emotions in your mind which are positive. Greetings to the other side of our world. Reinhold

    • I know what you mean Noortje. Street photography should tell the stories of people. And I thinks this one triggers a lot of thoughts. Nothing wrong with getting older. I am at the entrance of this twilight zone myself. She was carefully walking down the stairs. And then she continued walking to the city centre. If I will be able to do my own shopping at this age I will be happy. But there is this thin line between a good photo and hurting others. I hope I didn’t cross this line. Greetings from the neighborhood. Reinhold

      • You most certainly did not Reinhold! It’s a good thing when a photo creates an emotion. And my (sad) thoughts that where triggered with this photo, probably say more about me (and what I’ve come across in life) than about the photo. And it’s a sadness with a certain beauty in it as well…

    • Thanks Fraggy. It is always this split second between – should I or better not. Street photography should tell stories and this one triggers so may thoughts. I am glad I decided to take this photo. But it is always a thin line between story telling and hurting the feelings of other people. Smiles. Reinhold

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