These shots were taken in the Cloppenburg Museum Village, the oldest in Germany. The museum is a research and educational establishment specializing in cultural and rural history.

Hairdresser by Reinhold Staden
Musicbox by Reinhold Staden
Kitchen Cupboard by Reinhold Staden
Kitchen Cupboard

20 thoughts on “Retro

  1. FAb shots Reinhold,love the B&W, so retro!.
    BTW I don’t like the new reader, it makes it harder to get through to see your actual site, what’s the point in having a theme now? What do you think?

    • I am totally confused with the new reader Fraggy. I first thought it’s a software problem on my Mac. I skipped the desktop version and use the iPad app. Looks as if this is still the same. I think someone has optimized the desktop reader to death. The miracles of intelligent software design and development. May be they change it back or we get use to it… 😦

      • I suppose it means getting used to it,I know us more mature people are not supposed to like change so maybe the younger people will like it, and in truth the new reader is a better experience. With the old reader you had to click through to get the nicer post on the theme you use, but not much point now. I suppose I’m complain that something has been made technically better, but aesthetically boring. πŸ™‚

      • I can live with change. I am into IT project management for more than 30 years now. My second name is “change”. πŸ™‚ I can’t find the better experience and technical improvements. But I will try. Nice evening, Fraggy.

  2. Great black & white photos. Reminds me of my childhood even though this is a little bit earlier. But some of these thing where still around when I grew up.

    • You are right Amy. I still remember me sitting in front of one of these music boxes in my parents pub listening to Stones and Beatles songs. I knew all these letter and number combinations. A11: Jumpin Jack Flash / Rolling Stones

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