come closer @point blank

My introduction of Markus Mehring’s photography blog.

All photographs in this post are property and copyright of Markus Mehring.

5 months ago I saw the blog of Markus for the first time. I was impressed. And I came closer.

At that point in time I didn’t know that he is a traveller who likes to sit on the window seat of an airplane to watch the scenery, that he hates arrogance and intolerance, that friendship is a very precious gift and value to him and that his name read backwards in a Russian dialect means ” the one who loves images”.

The last fact was obvious to me. Just look at these!

All photographs in this post are property and copyright of Markus Mehring.

His photographs remind me of the great days of film cameras, the geniuses of black and white photography and the careful selection and capture of precious moments.

I was “tuned in” from the first minute (view) and I think that he is a great talent in any kind of photography. Street, portrait, architecture and stills.

The series which impressed me most is THE DACHA ..MY REFUGE. I will link here to 3 examples of his fascinating series only. You should check out this highly recommended series by yourself. Believe me… it’s worth it.

All photographs in this post are property and copyright of Markus Mehring.

I could continue adding links to his awesome, remarkable and stunning photography for ages. But you should find all the gems by yourself.

Thank you so much for your award nomination (which I had to turn down…I run an award free blog), your support and your inspiring comments to my posts, Markus. I hope this post will direct a few of my active supporters to your blog and we will continue to share great photography with each other and all others.



18 thoughts on “come closer @point blank

    • Thank you for your comment!!!
      …and thanks as well for the advice with the theme. Does ‘Point Blank’ sounds to rude? Does it sound scary? Of course it was not my intention to create an violent attitude.

      • It isn’t how it sounds, but how it is presented. I went to your site and it just looks messy to me, not easy to get to each post. I think photography needs simplicity and space so something like Reinholds theme is good, and even my own site theme is chosen with those principals in mind, but that’s just my opinion. Love your photos and would like to see them presented well. Also I’m an old fuddy duddy, so feel free to ignore me! 😊

      • Let me add to this one as well. 🙂 I think diversity is key to a colorful universe of photography. Your theme is different! That is the reason why I like it so much. It fits to you and your style of (fab) photography. I would not change it to anything which looks clean, open or structured. “point blank” is what it is. And it is good how it is. I would miss it , if it’s replaced by a another clean theme like mine. But that is only my very personal opinion. Smiles. Reinhold

      • With themes it’s like with that blanket which is always to short on one side. Two things are important to me.
        – the viewer should get an rough overview by a gallery
        – It’s a pity that some real good posts vanish in the deep of the blog. Therefor I use the Top10 widget in the sidebar.
        This both features leads to the fact that the images appear pretty small in the first place. AND, the visitor has to click the gallery, which is of course not that conveniant.
        In future times I will use my still empty BestOf page to present single images from older posts.

        Reinhold, great to hear that you like the appearance of the side.


  1. Dear Reinhold,
    I feel so honored and overwhelmed by your post. That is such a great gesture. I’m speechless (and that means alot 😉). Thank you for your nice words you found about my page. That is so inspiring and motivating for continuing photographing, that I’m looking forward with joy for the next projects.
    Please continue your outstanding work with the same joy, your excellent skills and your hearty way to express emotions in your photos for us!!!
    Markus ✌🏽️😀🍺

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