Dreamy Neighborhood (7 photos)

It is sunny, but still quite cold over here. I headed off for a neighborhood walk this morning. All photos are taken in a range of 3-5 miles from where we live. I used my old Fuji X100. It is light, small and I can put it into my jacket. I used the film simulation B&W Red, ISO L100 and the JPG format. So most of the development work is done in camera. I wanted to do something different today. I used LR for post and worked mainly with the “Clarity” slider. I normally push the slider a fraction to the right. So it will sharpen the images a bit. This time I pushed it to the left. To the ultimate left. I am still discussing this with myself. My brain doesn’t like it, but my stomach and heart does. The landscape of the Ammerland is special and I think this technique boosts this special character a bit more. Enjoy the virtual walk in my neighborhood. Hope you like it! Smiles. Reinhold

Dreamy Neighborhood by Reinhold Staden

Dreamy Neighborhood by Reinhold Staden

Dreamy Neighborhood by Reinhold Staden

Dreamy Neighborhood by Reinhold Staden

Dreamy Neighborhood by Reinhold Staden

Dreamy Neighborhood by Reinhold Staden

13 thoughts on “Dreamy Neighborhood (7 photos)

    • Danke Ulli. Nicht wirklich mein gewohnter Workflow. Aber dieses Waldstück hat es mir angetan. Bin gespannt wie es sich in den nächsten Wochen und Monaten verändert. Liebe Grüße. Reinhold

      • Da wird sich bestimmt viel tun, Reinhold. Ich bin jeden Tag auf’s Neue erstaunt, wie weit die Natur schon ist.
        Ich wünsche Dir einen guten Start in die neue Woche.
        Viele Grüße

    • The area starts a few minutes from where we live. I took a walk the other day with no sun in the sky and the landscape looked totally different. Just gray. Then the sun came out for a minute. You could see all these shadows and textures coming out, changing the landscape back to that one on the day I shot these images. It all depends on the light. The difference between interesting and boring. We will see how it will be during the next seasons. Thanks for your nice comment and you are welcome. Smiles. Reinhold

  1. I love the way the light hits in these photos, especially the one where it hits at the tops of the tree (3rd photo). A really beautiful job, Reinhold. Whatever you did, I really these. They’re definitely dreamy.

  2. I love it, but I understand what you mean by your “brain doesn’t like it but your stomack does”. But a think you’ve added a special mood into the photos this way. The 4th picture – of the ground – is so beautiful with the light in stripes.

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