In Time

18:50. Just finished a light dinner. Looking out of the window, there was fantastic light in the sky. A stunning sunset was on it’s way. Sunset was expected to be at 19:15. 30 minutes to go (drive). I picked up my gear and tripod and jumped into the car, heading for the nearby lake (10-15 minutes drive). I arrived at 19:05 at the parking lot by the lake. I rushed to the platform (new location) at the sailing boat club and set up my stuff. Tripod, adapter, Fuji X-T1, lens adapter, filter holder, big stopper + ND grad, cable release. Looked for the optimal focus point, f11, bulb mode. By then it was 19:15. More clouds showed up during this time. Ready for the first 90 sec. exposure. Too dark. Next one. 120 sec. Still too dark. 240 sec. Looked ok on the small screen of the X-T1. Turned the camera from right to left. Other composition. Where is the focus point? Ahhh, found it. Next shot. 300 sec. Too dark. Next one. 360 sec. Looked ok. It is over. No light left. 5 images. Lesson learned. Be in time. I forgot to change the aperture from 11 to 8 to 5.6 rather than enhancing the time. Next time I will be prepared, focused and in time.

Hope you still enjoy the last minute images. Have a nice weekend.

Smiles. Reinhold

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - In Time

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - In Time


27 thoughts on “In Time

  1. Oh my gosh…these are just beautiful!! I love your explanation of how they came to be. I’ve done that same kind of thing with sunset shots (minus the filters). Tonight I might try the big stopper + GND. I’m taking my camera club out again but not sure this will be as scenic. Plus we don’t have any clouds here right now….mostly summers are like that in California. Cloudless. No fog either right now. But there will be some water. We’ll see. Sometimes it’s hard for me to do filters, etc. with the camera club. I need to go out on my own! Wanna come along???? πŸ™‚

  2. I really like the darkness and the colours in these photos Reinhold. I think they are very beautiful and sunsets in all there glory – we have seen a thousand of them. These photos are a really great contrast to the usual one’s.

    • Oh, thank you, Lena. I think I should go for last minute images in the future with such a fantastic feedback. πŸ™‚ Very happy you like my version of sunset images. And that you are back with us! Smiles. Reinhold

  3. Nice to know I’m not the only one that forgets the other parts of the exposure triangle especially when under pressure. πŸ˜‰ The shots still turned out fantastic! I would have no complaints here. Just lovely.

    • Thanks, Sheila! πŸ™‚ Yes, working under pressure reveals professionalism or not. I am still working on that. LOL. There is nothing really wrong enhancing the exposure time. But on the very last one I exposed by 10 min. At this point I reached the technical limit of my Fuji X-T1. The first dust like red dots showed up in the RAW file. Especially with this “small” aperture. The work around would be to open up the lens 1 to 2 stops and stay under the 10 min line. But I am complaining on a high level. Have a nice day, Sheila. May the light be with you! Reinhold

    • Thank you, Sherry. I actually wanted to create an image with more of the fantastic light of that evening. But I was just too late at the location. So in the end I think it was still worth to set up the gear and capture the remaining like and the dark! Have a great day. Reinhold

    • Thank you, Dina. It was a big lesson for me. Camera, filter, technique… all not relevant for me… to be at the right spot in the best time is key… at least for me in the future. But I like the images and like that you like them as well. Cheers. Reinhold

  4. Wow, 300 and 360 second! Lots to learn of capturing nature light here. These two photos are perfect and beautiful, Reinhold!
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

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