The Wall

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Virtual Galleries
… a quick sample of the underlying concept

Today I started a new and exiting approach of presenting images to my clients. At least for me… new and exciting.

This is a sample: the wall above shows the last 4 images I posted on this blog. They all belong into the gallery “autumn”. I want to create the feeling as if the viewer is standing in a gallery looking at framed or unframed images in different sizes or may be different materials.

Wish you all a great weekend!


20 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. Echt grandiose Idee die Bilder so zu präsentieren. Großer Schritt nach vorne, da es dem Betrachter eine super Hilfestellung gibt sich die Kombinationsmöglichkeit an der Wand vorzustellen. Habe das bei der Ausstellung auch gemerkt, dass die Kaufbereitschaft viel höher war, wenn der Besucher ein Arrangement vorgegeben bekommt, da er so die Gesamtheit und Interaktion der Bilder spürt.
    LG, Markus

    • Good to hear that, Angela. I think playing with frames, colors of frames, sizes and combinations of images helps a lot. Images which looked stunning on it’s own are not best choice on the wall and the other way round. And it is so simple. I use “Keynote” on my Mac to do that. And you can easily present these “walls” to somebody else. I might even take a shot of the walls of an apartment, house or office. Much easier to find the image which fits. A photo exhibition at a gallery… a dream… or may be not… we will see. Best. Reinhold

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