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My comment in the WordPress Forum regarding the NEW WordPress Reader:

I have been working with WordPress for more than 18 months to create my blog for landscape photography in WordPress. Thanks for providing such an awesome content management system to enable that. Today I looked at my blog in the new reader for the first time. I saw horses without a body, landscapes without land, seascapes without sea. Nobody will click on these previews to see more details. You have basically destroyed the work of the last months. And don’t say my images look awesome in the new reader. They don’t. I always loved working with and in WordPress. But may be the wind of change is driving me into another direction. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Nevertheless: I would like to thank you my friends and followers for your support, comments and likes. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.

Smiles. Reinhold

61 thoughts on “New WordPress Reader

    • Hi Amy, I will concentrate at my homepage: from now on. I will also provide an online gallery for me and selected and interested photographers. WP will become a blog, where I write about my workflow and about things which will happen on the other platforms. They are hosted on MY server, running MY software and will be dedicated to present images to an audience in a beautiful way. I will also run local workshops and tours in the national park and in the moors. So every bit of time goes into these projects. In the end I have to thank WP for showing me the right direction. So… if you like to see my images follow the above links. Not ready. Will take some time. It you like to read articles about my workflow, you will find some posts… here in my WP blog. But no “single” image will be uploaded to WP again. I am so excited to work in the new environment. And I hope you will have a look… in a few weeks time things will be ready. Currently you will find a welcome screen only. But most activities are making good progress. Smiles. Reinhold

  1. Thanks for posting this comment here and on that Forum – I so agree with you! I’ve been searching WP for somewhere to leave feedback but they apparently don’t want to get feedback because there is no way to contact them (and this is why I’m not upgrading to a paid site). While I’m grateful for the free site I have, I do not like these random changes they keep making in Reader and other places without even informing us! If only they had a blog where they announced these little tweaks and you could try to react to them! And as for the random slicing of photos in Reader: I have seen my visit stats go down since most of my visits come from Reader. I don’t like my photos being sliced up randomly, either.

  2. Reblogged this on Simplify… and commented:
    What are your thoughts on the new reader? I think, like most of WP’s changes lately, they’re bad ideas. Change for change’s sake is never a good development decision.

  3. I haven’t complained yet as I thought I’d give it a chance… but it sucks, indeed. I haven’t had much luck with complaints to WordPress in the past; they just don’t care that their users have bad experiences.

  4. It seems we all agree… I do too… and added my voice to the forum a while back as well…
    Now let’s hope something will be corrected?…

  5. I’m annoyed, too. Why do they keep changing stuff?? I’m not sure what they did only that things are not the same! Good for you for speaking out, Reinhold.

    • As you mentioned: there are many ways to reach a personal target / goal. Mine is now MY homepage. WP will be one channel leading to MY homepage. It was fun blogging with you so far and it will be fun in the future. Only different. Take care, Steven. A happy new year and all the best. Greetings from the North of Germany. Reinhold PS: did I mention that me and my wife lived in a caravan for 4 months traveling through GB. I am always excited to read about that in your blog and I have to check out the dedicated blog of yours for that matter.

  6. The new format is very poor for photographers and artists. I complained in the forum, too, but I doubt it will do any good. WP sees its own path to the future, and they don’t much seem to care about how a bad crop can ruin a photo.

  7. You are not alone in voicing your dissatisfaction with the new reader. I added my comments to a wordpress article but the last time I looked it was still awaiting moderation. Perhaps they only publish comments that agree with changes!
    My thoughts and others can be found on the following blog post:
    On a brighter note I have enjoyed following your photography. Thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes for 2017
    Mr Cafe

  8. Ich fand (und finde) die neue Ansicht im Reader auch völlig ungeeignet und weiß nicht, was man sich dabei denkt. Hoffentich haben die vielen Reaktionen eine Wirkung, nur als der Reader ganz frisch vorgestellt wurde, gab es spontan auch unheimlich viele begeisterte Kommentare. Hoffentlich hört man nicht nur auf die …
    Dir und den Deinen auch ein frohes Weihnachtsfest, schöne und entspannte Feiertage und für das Neue Jahr alles erdenklich Gute, Reinhold.
    LG Michèle

  9. They have said they fix the crop. My concern is any post with four or more photos gets the thumbnail gallery of four shots in Reader . If they fix the cropping that is to. Y mind a bigger issue.

    • Danke Markus. Ich wünsche Dir ein erfolgreiches, gesundes und spannendes Jahr 2017. Mögen alle Deine Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen. Hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht mit Dir zu “bloggen”. Liebe Grüsse. Reinhold

      • Mein Lieber,
        war zwar ein paar Tage offline, jetzt aber endlich meine Glueckwuensche fuer dich! Erstmal vielen Dank. Freue mich echt sehr ueber deine Gruesse. Auf dass du weiter so vile Spass, Emotionen und Liebe in deine Bilder und Projekte steckst! Geniesse es… …und geniesse auch, wie du die Menschen damit gluecklich machst.
        Lass uns das Jahr so richtig schoen rocken!!!
        From Russia with love, Markus

  10. Thank you for this post, Reinhold.

    I complained as well:
    “I must admit, I’m not happy with the cropped images. Why not post a thumbnail of the image instead of a cut-down version of it?”
    My comment got many likes from photgraphers but no answer from WP.

    Smiles back to you.

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