Reinhold Staden Photography - Loosing
RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography – Loosing

… this image of a brave little tree has been taken in the moor (Fintlandsmoor) only a few miles away from where I live. I must return to the moor in the next days, when the weather is changing from horrible to acceptable. As you know, I don’t mind cold, snow, storm… but I hate gray and wet weather conditions. From April 1 until the end of June I can’t go there. It is a nature resort with restricted access during this period. Lots of ground breeding birds. So I desperately wait for different weather. 4 weeks left. Fingers crossed. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Loosing

  1. Beautiful! I love it. I know how difficult to capture the bushes and trees like you did, I tried last weekend when I was walking in trail, not even close…

    • You are so right, Amy. Tatata….. this is attempt 137 of a series of fails. One day I will find the ultimate tree / leaves combination I am looking for. Thanks, Amy and have shooting. Reinhold 😉

      • Whenever we try or copy something, we, then, learn how difficult it is. In many cases, we appreciate more. I know I do. 🙂

    • It is a special place, Jane. If you like to see more of it then scroll down a bit. There is a video “Outlandish” which I filmed with my iPhone. It has been viewed over 1000 times on YouTube. Which is good for an old man crawling through the wet- and woodlands. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and your nice comment. Smiles. Reinhold

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