We had terrible weather. For weeks and weeks. Basically no autumn. Mostly cloudy and rainy. I decided to take a walk in the moor nearby. May be the wetlands have changed due to the increased water level. I was quiet early. It was pitch black when I arrived there. No sound. I looked towards the sunrise and suddenly some of the clouds moved away. I set up my tripod, mounted my camera and opened my rucksack for the filter holder and filters. And then I watched the evolution of the sunrise.
Mother nature is just awesome. On my way to the moor I heard the news in the radio. I thought the world is going down the tubes. But this sunrise convinced me. There is a greater power here on earth. And it has so much force. The force of quietness and beauty.
May this force be with you. Happy days. Reinhold


15 thoughts on “Evolution

    • Danke, Patricia. Und kam völlig überraschend. War eigentlich nur da um die Auswirkungen der langen Regenperiode anzuschauen. Und plötzlich riss der Himmel auf. Da war die Freude natürlich groß. 🙂

  1. You’re right. Being in touch with nature is much healthier than being in touch with the latest news which is unrelievedly awful, worldwide. Beautiful images. Thank you.

    • Glad you enjoyed my images. It is always true. I have to get out, even if it’s windy, cold and raining. This whole “nature event” was over in minutes. After that it started raining (again) and still is and will be for the weekend. I think I switch off the news. Save some bytes for my photography work and blogging. Happy days and a wonderful and creative weekend, Margaret. 🙂 Reinhold

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