Portraitfotografie Bad Zwischenahn

Outdoor portraits

Still working my way into outdoor portrait photography. These are images of my 3rd shooting. K. booked my first paid shooting package.
One lesson I already learned. Equipment and technical skills are success factors. But the major factor is to convert uncertainty into confidence on both sides of the camera.
We spent over 2 hours in the castle garden in Oldenburg. I got the permission to use the „Tea Pavilion“ for the shoot. You can only access this old piece of architecture with the permission of the garden administration.
In the end we both were happy. K. with the results and I was happy to meet the expectations of my first „client“.

My new homepage is now live. If you like to check out more details about my portrait photography services please follow this link: reinholdstaden.com/portraits

Happy days, Reinhold

13 thoughts on “Outdoor portraits

  1. Wow, ich freue mich zu sehen, dass du nun auch in diese Richtung fotografisch unterwegs bist! Ich mag deine Porträts sehr und auch, was du über das Fotografieren eines Menschen schreibst… das Vertrauen muss da sein, auf beiden Seiten… und das sieht man an deinen Fotos! Sie wirken so vorsichtig, aber dennoch irgendwie geborgen…. toll!!! Gefällt mir sehr!

    • Unterwegs ist die richtige Formulierung. Ich bin auf einem neuen, zusätzlichen Weg der noch lang sein wird. Aber es macht mir mehr Spaß als ich dachte. Freut mich das Dir meine ersten Ergebnisse gefallen. Besonders weil Du diesen Weg schon viel weiter und erfolgreich beschritten hast. Vielen Dank!

  2. These are special Reinhold … I’ve never been comfortable taking photos of people, but took some nice shots of a friend when we were on holiday. We are going to do more over the holidays … 🙂

    • I left my comfort zone too. I think we both did. But after a while… it changed. I was faced with two challenges. The technical side and the mental side. It is all about talking, laughing and enjoying the time. Hope you enjoy your time over the holidays. And capture some awesome portraits. I am sure you will. Happy days and smiles. Reinhold

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