Getting colder

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Getting Colder
Getting Colder

It is getting colder in the North. First frozen leaves in frozen thin ice at our lake. I spent an hour walking my way to the village and back and enjoyed the cold, fresh air. Hopefully the weather stays like that. Enjoy whatever season you may have. Happy days. Reinhold

15 thoughts on “Getting colder

  1. Beautiful image. The colours of those leaves (stuck in the thin ice) are so beautiful. I envy you the lovely light you get in the northern hemisphere. I really noticed the different light when I was in Italy even. (when I was travelling through central Europe in the mid 1970s). Even in Austria and Switzerland the light was soft.

    I guess you don’t realise what stunning light you have for photography unless you come DownUnder to Australia where our Summer sun, (in particular), is so bright and harsh (in which to do Photography). You often have to reduce the camera settings to get white flowers and birds with some definition. Hard to judge even in the LCD screen on the back of the camera.

    • Interesting! I have never been to Australia. But I spent 2 times a few weeks in NZ. In my memory there are 2 things I liked most. The people and the light. I was fascinated by the color of the sky and the light early in the morning and late in the evening. But at that time I was not into photography as I am now. May be we like the light we don’t have in the moment most. I would love to come to Australia to join your challenge of capturing the light in Down Under. I saw some stunning images by Andrew Marr. You should check out his YouTube channel. May be a source of inspiration. I am glad you like the light in my images. Happy days and smiles… and may the light always be with you. Reinhold

      • Thanks for the name Andrew Marr, Reinhold. I had a look at all his galleries and to be very honest, I like your images far, far better. Marr’s images look over-edited and processed too far beyond the natural soft colours. I’ve never been a fan of that soft flow of water look obtained with slow shutter speeds. I prefer a shutter speed of 1/20 (or higher) so you still get some movement in the water flow. But there you are. We all have different taste. I’ll just stick to following your own blog and enjoying your images, thank you. 🙂

      • I guess Andrew Marr is a fantastic photo editor and perhaps……gives his potential paying clients what they like to see.

    • Thank You, Maureen. There is always post processing in my images. I shoot in RAW and expose for the light when I capture an image. This darkens the darker areas. I always adjust an image in Lightroom. Our eyes are still better than the sensor of our cameras. And I use Lightroom to “develop” what I saw… and not what I captured. If this makes sense to you. Happy days and smiles. Reinhold

  2. The more in tune we are with the seasons, the more we find something to enjoy. Fresh cold air is lovely, especially on a blue sky day, but I don’t much like having a cold nose!

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