Don’t believe what you see…

Revised version after comments

Added more sky on Photoshop to the top image. More breathing space for the poles.
Stopped letters “Area 51” from fighting against the poles. Added “51” to the sign in the bottom left corner.
Now the UFO is flying towards the car.
Added a little bit of blurred, red color to the breaking lights of the car.
Added a bit of fog/smoke around the space ship.
Cleaned the image up from distracting objects.
The road starts as a leading line in the bottom right corner.
Changed the font of the quote.
Changed the crop to 5:4.

You can find the “old” version at the end of the post.

Special thanks to Sherry and Vicki for their comments.

I created 2 versions of this poster. Which one do you like best?

Have a great weekend and happy days. Reinhold

Old version of the landscape format

14 thoughts on “Don’t believe what you see…

  1. The revised version is much better πŸ™‚

    (note: sometimes followers only leave glowing positive comments. Personally, I’d much rather followers leave constructive criticism on my own blogs if they prefer something a little different. But, it must be constructive and give some background as to the reason for the comment).

    • Thanks for the constructive feedback. Much appreciated. And I don’t like “glowing” positive comments. No room for improvement. Have a nice start of your week and happy days. Reinhold

  2. I like the first one because it has a better stage, composition, mood and story. The large open space enhanced by the leading lines of the poles, a car confined to the road alone, and the spaceship finding the car. In the cropped version the “stage” background is eliminated and the letters fight with the poles a bit. You asked and I honestly answered πŸ™‚

  3. At first, I thought the 1st poster was a better one as it didn’t have the dark sky drawing my eye towards it, but maybe the 1st poster didn’t make the alien ship as striking as it needed to be. But, I kept noticing the electricity pole to the far left looked like it was too near the top of the frame. It looked like you had cropped off some of the image?

    Now, I think the 2nd poster the better one, as it draws the eye directly to the space ship and makes it the focal point of the poster,

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