Walking my dog… against all odds

Our lake… this morning

We are at home. In social isolation. Walking our dog Boomer and buying fresh goods for cooking are the highlights of my day. My wife is still working from our home office. We are healthy and being back in our remote spot at the lake feels better. What a treasure. Fortunately the weather has changed from horrible to good. Spring is coming. So we are able to open doors and windows. All tourists are gone. The lake is deserted. Most of the people I meet are walking their dogs. But people are trying to avoid contact. Difficult to understand for Boomer why he can’t play with his dog friends he made over the last months. And the walks are definitely shorter than before. We have to stay in the neighborhood. Which is in our case two pathways to the lake. Could be worse. But their is obviously no secure place. We are trying to minimize the risk. I am 66 but having Boomer for a few months now made me stronger. Stronger than before. Our biggest concerns are our family in the south of Germany. The virus scares us, hurts us and it makes life more difficult and strange. But it can’t beat us. Stay healthy, protect yourself and stay at the safest place you have. Happy days. Reinhold

13 thoughts on “Walking my dog… against all odds

  1. Hi Reinhold, Beautiful photo. I’m glad you are safe and healthy. We are isolated in San Francisco and doing ok so far. We are thankful for our walks, too. Take care. 🙂

    • Jane, so good to hear you are ok too. Enjoy your walks. We are facing a ban to go out. Exceptions are getting goods for cooking and drinking and walking dogs. But we will be restricted to the neighbourhood. We‘ll stay connected. Smiles. Reinhold

      • Thank you, Reinhold. San Francisco was hit early, as you know. We are going into our third week. Yikes. And I’m sure we are in for a long haul. 😦

  2. A thoughtful post for the times. Keep safe! You have many blessings and I’m glad you and your wife are together. My sweetheart and I are in our home countries, thousands of miles apart, and I understand how hard it is to be away from loved ones, trying our hardest not to worry or rather to express the full burden of the worry we naturally feel. But it is clear that for the general public, keeping apart for now and sheltering in place as much as we can is not just the kindest but the only way forward we have.

    • Thousands of miles apart… would be the worst case scenario for me and my wife too. We are now facing a ban to go out. People, especially older ones like me, don’t follow the advice to stay at home. Unbelievable how stupid these people are. They risk their and our lives. So stay safe and try to stay connected to your sweetheart. All the best. Reinhold

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