I never finally created my own, my personal photography style. My lenses were always wide open. There were various attempts. May be some of you remember my „bronze“ period. Or my awful HDR images. I tried everything from street, architecture to portrait and landscape photography. And don’t forget macro and dog photography. And I will continue to do so. At least in this blog. So welcome on board, fasten your seat belt and wait for Boomer (my dog) to come around serving drinks. A few days ago I deleted all of my social media accounts. I retired this year and now I retired from social media. But there is one genre that always had a bigger place in my heart. Black and white. Also a few days ago I created a new blog. This blog has some unique posting characteristics. Just the headline. One black and white or monochrome image, design or video. No comments. Wordless posts. My world in black and white. May be some very old images, older images and definitely new ones. But always my personal work. No guarantees to post daily. May be 2-3 posts a week. I have already posted some initial posts. Hope to see some of you over there. I am aware that a black and white blog may not be appropriate in dark times like these. But black and white images have to show stories and soul. And this is is my final challenge I would like to face in my remaining years on this planet. My world in black and white.
Thanks for reading and happy days. Reinhold

PS: Moorkind – means child of the moors. It is the brand I use for all of my design and now for my black and white photography and video work.

All other content will stay with Reinhold Staden Photography.

12 thoughts on “Moorkind…

  1. Great series and I love Black & White (although it’s almost a year since I posted on my own B & W WordPress blog site).

    I’ll check out your new site.and would certainly enjoy ‘following’.

  2. Congratulations on retirement! More time for creative endeavors and walks with Boomer! Thank you for sharing your new site. On my way over there now. I love B&W photography! Take care

  3. Nice new venue for your work! Congratulations on retirement, I’m well on my way, down to half-time and completely done by December. Show me how its done 🙂

    • David, this is easy. Take your camera and a young dog and there will be not much time left to think about. I lost weight and can walk now for 3-4 hours a day… in sunshine, rain and snow. 7 days a week. Extremely hard in the beginning but it’s getting better day by day. Boomer is getting older and I am getting younger. We will meet in the middle. And currently he is learning not to fight with my tripod. Thank you so much for joining. Reinhold

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