My current workflow…

Today I like to share my current workflow with you.

All my 50K images are downloaded with Adobe Bridge (BR) from my cameras (Fuji X-T1 / X100) to the file system of Disk 1 (my work disk) in RAW format. Previously I loaded all the images into LR, but 50K images are too many to work in a timely and effective way. I have to use the bin more often in the future. In parallel they are stored on my backup disk… before deletion… just in case.

Those images “I like to work with” are loaded into Adobe Lightroom (LR) and receive all requires META (copyright, photographer, location,…) data in this process. They will be placed in folders and collections for future use. Currently I have 10K images in LR, which are far to many. I am working on that “problem” in the moment. The library and images are backed up on a regular basis to disk 2.

The keepers of the last 18 months go into Adobe Photoshop (PS) and will be stored in the file system of my work disk in PSD format. I have about 200 images in these “gallery” folders. Here I hope to increase the number in the next months. But all these images have received extensive post processing and sharpening and noise reduction for printing. Most of these images have never seen the internet and will not in the future. The PSD files are backed up on a regular basis to disk 2.

Images which will go to my internet sites, which before went into my WordPress blog (next post) will be exported from LR in different orientations and sizes. But all of them are JPG files. I create no backup of these files, because they can be recreated easily.

The hardest part is the decision which file goes from left to right. Images I did not like 18 months ago are suddenly gallery images. And the other way round. Are you using a similar process? What are your criteria to go from left to right?

But may be this can only be answered if we look at the target systems. But I will leave this to my next post.


Workflow Reinhold Staden Photography
Workflow Reinhold Staden Photography