Rain doesn’t fall on one roof alone

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Rain on Roof
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Image 8/20 – Rain doesn’t fall on one roof alone. This image has been taken in the stunning harbour of Hamburg with my Fuji X-T1. The top half of this composition is converted into B&W and the bottom half is without any major modifications.

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Highlights of Hamburg: Elbtunnel

Old Elbe Tunnel which opened in 1911, is a pedestrian and vehicle tunnel in Hamburg, Germany. The 426 m (1,398 ft) long tunnel was a technical sensation; 24 m (80 ft) beneath the surface, two tubes with 6 m (20 ft) diameter connect central Hamburg with the docks and shipyards on the south side of the river Elbe. This meant a big improvement for tens of thousands of workers in one of the busiest harbors in the world.

Four huge lifts on either side of the tunnel carried pedestrians, carriages and motor vehicles to the bottom. They are still in operation, though due to the limited capacity by today’s standards, other bridges and tunnels have been built and taken over most of the traffic.

see: Wikipedia

Alter Elbtunnel by Reinhold Staden
Alter Elbtunnel by Reinhold Staden
Alter Elbtunnel by Reinhold Staden
Car elevator
Alter Elbtunnel by Reinhold Staden
Street level under the river Elbe
Alter Elbtunnel by Reinhold Staden
Cars, bicycles and pedestrians