An unexpected problem…

Landscape photography

Landscape photography and dog walking. Do they go together well? I think no… or yes if you know the traps. Over the years I created a habit which a landscape photographer should always optimize. I scan everything in front, I often turn around to see things from a different angle. I look to the left and to the right. I step forward and back to finalize my composition. Boomer was always watching me doing this. I didn’t recognize that he was developing the same habit. He started to think that I was scanning the surrounding to detect enemies early. He started to become aware and alerted of other people walking or jogging by, bicycles, cars… and other dogs. I created myself a problem. With the help of a fantastic dog trainer, I slowly return to normal. I use a marker word and clicker and focus at him while we walk. I think we will be fine very soon. If you are a landscape photographer and you plan to get a dog… watch out. Don’t fall into the same trap. Boomer is definitely worth any effort to get him back to normal. We joined an obedience rally team which helps a lot to train him to accept my habits as a landscape photographer. Now we are communicating at the same level with the same meanings. Autumn is coming and we have to prepare ourselves for various photography trips. Stay safe and healthy. Happy days. Reinhold and Boomer.

Dog walking

Zero Point

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Zero Point
Zero Point

Yesterday, while I was shooting the Formula 18 boat race at our local lake, I took a rest at the shore of the lake. After a while I saw these lines of blue water and light with the duck as a zero point. It was so nice to have this warm and sunny day after all the bad weather in the last months. I really enjoyed it.


These shots were taken in the Cloppenburg Museum Village, the oldest in Germany. The museum is a research and educational establishment specializing in cultural and rural history.

Hairdresser by Reinhold Staden

Musicbox by Reinhold Staden

Kitchen Cupboard by Reinhold Staden
Kitchen Cupboard

Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

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This week the weekly photo challenge asks us what is our muse that we keep going back to. Mine is the beach in Schillig in the district of Wangerland in the UNESCO World Heritage “The Wadden Sea”. Only 40 minutes away from where I live it’s my “home” beach.

Schillig / Wangerland by Reinhold Staden


Schillig / Wangerland by Reinhold Staden


Schillig / Wangerland by Reinhold Staden


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”