Today is the 6th anniversary of my Fuji X-100. I used it for everything: street photography, landscape, architecture, nature, objects. I think this one will stay in my rucksack forever. I am still using it. But not as much as I should! I like the in camera black and white film simulation.


Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills - RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography
Rolling Hills – © RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography

A reworked version of the “Rolling Hills” of Devon. Spectacular view and stunning landscape. Can’t beat that!

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Rainbow Bridge

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Rainbow Bridge

Mixed weather. Rain on one side, sunshine on the other side. While I was shooting this long exposure (180 sec) a rainbow appeared on the right side in the background for about 30 seconds. Enough to leave a trace in the image. A good start into your week! Smiles. Reinhold

© RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography

September 2016

Using Lee Seven5 filter system at Lake Zwischenahner Meer

Lake Zwischenahner Meer, Ammerland, North Germany

August 26, 2016

19:30 – 20:30

Fuji X-T1, 14mm f2.8, Lee lens adapted and filter holder, ND Grad. 0.6 Hard (2 stops), Big Stopper (10 stops), Manfrotto tripod, cable release

The Plan:
Long exposure photographs of pier and boats at lake “Zwischenahner Meer”.  I created my vision with a sketch app (Sketches) of my iPad.

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Boats
RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography – Boats

Estimated shots: 4

1 bracket shot (no filter) 3 exposures -1 +-0 +1

1 focused on foreground (no filter)

1 focused on pier and boats (no filter)

1 long exposure (30-240 sec) f8-16


And here are two results:

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Boats

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Boats

I was lucky to meet 3 young men who were fishing at the lake. One of these guys positioned the net for me in the foreground. Very helpful!

© RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography

August 2016

Lighthouse (Fiction Series)

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Lighthouse

Some of you know that I like to play around with Photoshop. Since I decided to concentrate at landscape photography there is no need and not much room left to create compositions in post. I start a “landscape fiction series” with this post. So… in between my regular landscape photography posts… I will create a Photoshop composition of 2 or more photographs I have taken.

This one is made of a lighthouse located in the harbour of Bremerhaven and sand dunes at the beach of Schillig. A lighthouse should have a beautiful spot at the coast.

© RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography

August 2016