We had terrible weather. For weeks and weeks. Basically no autumn. Mostly cloudy and rainy. I decided to take a walk in the moor nearby. May be the wetlands have changed due to the increased water level. I was quiet early. It was pitch black when I arrived there. No sound. I looked towards the sunrise and suddenly some of the clouds moved away. I set up my tripod, mounted my camera and opened my rucksack for the filter holder and filters. And then I watched the evolution of the sunrise.
Mother nature is just awesome. On my way to the moor I heard the news in the radio. I thought the world is going down the tubes. But this sunrise convinced me. There is a greater power here on earth. And it has so much force. The force of quietness and beauty.
May this force be with you. Happy days. Reinhold


The National Park Wadden Sea

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Fence into the sea
RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography – Fence into the sea

World Heritage and National Park. The coastline of North Germany. Wadden Sea or Wattenmeer. No big waves, a flat coastline, no rocks… but open space. As a photographer you always look for some interest in the foreground. So I am happy to find something like a fence. A fence into the sea? Now you have to know some additional facts to understand this. At our coastline, we have separate beaches for people with dogs and with no dogs. Sometimes the beaches are separated by a fence. Because of the flat coast line it would be easy to walk around the fence. And here is the solution. The fence is built into the sea. That makes it difficult to walk around the fence without getting your feet wet.
No… we have no other problems over here.
Hope you will still enjoy my image.
It is a long exposure using a LEE big stopper and a ND hard grad (0.6 / 2 stops) filter.

PS: I posted a similar image a while ago in color.

Happy days,

Old Water Mill


© RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography

Today I worked with an image of an old water mill for a few moments. The first step was to develop the digital negative with a few minor adjustments in Lightroom. In step 2 I converted it in Photoshop into B+W. Each section of the image, the waterfall, the wheel, the bridge was processed in separate selections with levels and curves. In total 10. After that I saved it and switched back to LR to print it for my mobile portfolio and to export it for the Internet and future printing.


Water Pool

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Water Pool

This image has a bit of a story to it. On my way back home from Bremen, I stopped in Hude, a small village near the motorway A28.
It is known for its ruined abbey and a water mill. Standing at the bridge near the water mill I saw the small wooden bridge over the stream in the center and the church in the background. The foreground, a small water pool, was covered with not very attractive white foam. It looked unsavory. In fact it spoiled the whole composition. The only idea I had was to try a long exposure. I used my Lee Seven5 filter system with a Big Stopper (10 stops). The long exposure turned the ugly foam bubbles into white circles and lines floating on the pool. I quite like the effect. What do you think?

© RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography

November 2016