Will it survive?


My iPhone has not survived. 1 minute completely under water was too much.

But… it will be replaced by Apple on Monday. I will receive a brand new iPhone for a fair amount of money. A fraction of the price in an Apple store. I think in this case they charge the material and admin only. Thanks to Apple. This is one of the reasons I replaced all of my technical equipment with Apple products years ago. Peace of mind using these products and an outstanding service.

There will be a post for my iProject this week with a  new photo taken with my new iPhone.


Until then, have a good time.


Photo taken with iPhone 5s a few months ago.



Will it survive?

Yesterday we decided to walk at the nearby lake. The sun was shining and we stopped at a jetty. I wanted to try out the iPhone app “Slow Shutter” to create a long exposure image of the lake. 10 seconds with a low light filter looked ok. So I activated the timer for the shutter and selected 5 seconds.
I placed the iPhone on the bricks in front of me and pressed the shutter. After 5 seconds the exposure time started to count. And… my iPhone fell to one side and slipped of the bricks into the lake. I was speechless for one moment. I saw a bit of light under the jetty. I took of my coat and tried to grab my iPhone out of the water. I was able to get it out after half a minute.
And now I made a mistake. Because it was still active, I did not turn it off. We walked back to our car, drove home and while we were driving, it went off.
At home I took a bowl, filled it up with rice and now it has to stay there for 48 hours.

Will it survive?

And here it happened.


In 48 hours we will know. And hopefully I will be able to continue my iProject.