Shadow People

When the sun sets in Berlin shadow people are all over the place. Yesterday evening I walked to the Potsdamer Platz (#1 and 2) and then to the Brandenburger Tor (#3 and 4). Chasing the shadows was a lot of fun. I sat in the last sunlight with a glass of wine afterwards. These shadow people exists for a short moment only and then the disappear in the dark.

Thank you for stopping by. Happy days. Reinhold

Fast Train

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Fast Train
Fast Train

The underground stations of Berlin are quiet interesting. During daytime it is difficult to find a spot with no people for a longer exposure. And it is a bit strange to set up a tripod in this environment. The challenge is to find the right moment to shoot. I like the yellow color of the the trains. The station is called “Paracelsus Bad” at U8.


Today is the 6th anniversary of my Fuji X-100. I used it for everything: street photography, landscape, architecture, nature, objects. I think this one will stay in my rucksack forever. I am still using it. But not as much as I should! I like the in camera black and white film simulation.


Shoot ‘N Go … Adventures in Photography

This is my short introduction of Angela’s photography blog.




and landscapes…

a variety of subject areas… but all of them with her special handwriting. It is next to impossible to pick my favorite example of her work. Too many excellent photographs are waiting for you to check them out on your own.

We share likes and comments for quite a while now and did one post processing job together. No A/B challenge. Just a one to one exchange of her awesome image and my personal way of post-processing it. That was fun! Here is the result:


The “making of” is documented in this PDF file.


Smiles. Reinhold