Fine Art Hamburg

Hamburg. My second home for the next months. I will be quite often in this gorgeous harbor city. Looking forward to run some tours and workshops here. Moorland photography, services and all my activities at home will continue but will be enriched by urban landscapes of Hamburg. Happy days. Reinhold

Coming soon!

… in a few days weeks of work will come to a result. My first homepage focused on photography. I used a stand-alone WordPress system as my content management system and created a site with an awesome and clean responsive base theme for photographers. I included a full-featured shop, a newsletter tool and lots of other interesting plugins. I am in the final testing phase and excited to get this baby online. But after this first milestone the real work will start. Content refinement and new photos by category. The shop which is restricted in phase 1 to Germany will be opened for Europe (phase 2) and the rest of the world (phase 3).  The heat is on. (turn your speakers on :-))