Nothing left to lose…

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Nothing to loose
Reflecting Light

If you got nothing in the foreground, nothing in the middle and just a horizon line in the background you have nothing left to lose… so I took an image of the wet sand reflecting the sunset. We are still having an endless period of bad weather, cold with lots of wind and rain and gray skies. Not ideal for landscape photography. Hopefully my design will brighten up your day and will create a smile on your face while you are listening to the music. Happy days. Reinhold



Reinhold Staden - Flat Design
Illustration – Reinhold Staden Photography

Tranquility and Silence

It is October. Nearly all tourists have left the coast line. The tide is coming and going. It is colder now, the wind is blowing from the North and nature is preparing for autumn and winter. Now I have this location of tranquility and silence nearly on my own. A creative and inspriring space for 6 months. The Nationalpark Wadden Sea.

I am thinking about a photography workshop during these months. Not me teaching photography but 4-5 photographers who like to exchange and share ideas and their way of photography with others. May be just enjoying the company of others who think and speak photography. 3 days in a location at our lake with tours to the lake, the moors and the National Park. Lots of photography. Good food and some drinks in the evening. I plan to hire a 9-seater van and would be the driver during these days. I know these places can be very challenging. Wind, rain, cold… but also blue skies and sunshine. Nearly unpredictable. But I would never run a workshop in the main season. Not sure if people would enjoy early starts, extreme conditions, long hikes and late evenings. That is why I always put this idea back into the “one of these days” folder.

This idea is in my “pipeline of things to do” for quiet a while. I should sit down, make a plan and come up with a concrete option. And get it out of this folder.

Happy days. Reinhold


1 Location – 2 Images: #1 Krummhörn

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Krummhörn
RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography – Krummhörn
RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Krummhörn
RSP – Reinhold Staden Photography – Krummhörn

This is #1 of one of my 2018 photography projects. 2 images of 1 location. Focus is to show the same spot/object/person in 2 different compositions. This image has been taken in Krummhörn in the National Park Wadden Sea. The other side of the bay is already a different country. The Netherlands. Happy days. Reinhold

Lost Friends

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Friend
Lost Friends

The old tree in the moor and the groynes in the wadden sea. Both friends of mine. Both are lost. Forever. Replaced by nothing and a modern stone wave breaker. I have seen them so many times over the last 2 years. I thought I bring them together in one last image! I will miss them! Hope they are having a fun time in the trees and groynes heaven.

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