Water Pool

RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Water Pool

This image has a bit of a story to it. On my way back home from Bremen, I stopped in Hude, a small village near the motorway A28.
It is known for its ruined abbey and a water mill. Standing at the bridge near the water mill I saw the small wooden bridge over the stream in the center and the church in the background. The foreground, a small water pool, was covered with not very attractive white foam. It looked unsavory. In fact it spoiled the whole composition. The only idea I had was to try a long exposure. I used my Lee Seven5 filter system with a Big Stopper (10 stops). The long exposure turned the ugly foam bubbles into white circles and lines floating on the pool. I quite like the effect. What do you think?

© RSP РReinhold Staden Photography

November 2016