Walking my dog… #18

Back in Hamburg Boomer and I are trying to manage the hurricane Ciara with heavy wind and rain. Difficult to find moments for short walks. Never imagined how difficult it is to get through the day and night. The house and bed were shaking and the noise of the wind and rain was extreme. Still one day and night to go! Hopefully it will be better on Wednesday! Happy days to you! Reinhold and Boomer.

The day before in the moor


RSP - Reinhold Staden Photography - Stormrider
Developing my personal style

Image 14/20 – Stormrider… this one is pushing my style series to its limits. A black and white integration did not work. Background – no… foreground – no… stormrider – no…so I decided to allow some exceptions in my style. What do you think?

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